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Cod Liver Oil 400 mg 110 softgels
Артикул: 11381
Cod Liver Oil 400 mg 110 softgels
Статус: Есть на складе

Производитель: 21st Century
Цена: 224 Грн.
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Cod Liver Oil 400 mg 110 softgels

Norwegian Cod Liver Oil – пищевая добавка на основе масла из печени трески, которая обеспечивает комплексную поддержку для здоровья иммунной системы, кровяного давления, сердца, мозга, суставов и кожи. Данный продукт предназначен для детей и взрослых потребителей.


Norwegian Cod Liver Oil обеспечивает организм полезными рыбьим жиром и витаминами А, и D, которые необходимы для нормального функционирования организма.


Рыбий жир является богатым источником омега-3 кислот, которые помогают нормализовать кровяное давление, а также участвуют в синтезе противовоспалительных гормонов, которые составляют основу иммунитета. Витамин А необходим для правильного развития и роста ребенка, он повышает устойчивость организма к различным инфекциям, ускоряет заживление ран. Для пожилых людей витамин необходим в профилактике глазных и кожных заболеваний.  Витамин D улучшает усвоение организмом кальция и фосфора, что способствует правильному формированию костей и зубов, а в пожилом возрасте поможет предотвратить остеопороз.


Содержание питательных веществ в 1 порции (1 гель-капсула):

Витамин А (из масла печени трески) 1250 МЕ (25%*)

Витамин D3 (из масла печени трески) 135 МЕ (34%*)

Масло печени трески 400 мг

EPA (эйкозапентаеновая кислота) (Омега-3) 28 мг

DHA (докозагексаеновая кислота) (Омега-3) 24 мг

Другие жирные кислоты 24 мг

*- процент от рекомендуемой суточной нормы


Дополнительные ингредиенты:

соевое масло, желатин, глицерин, очищенная вода.


Упаковка: 110 гель-капсул  (110 порций)


Способ применения и дозы:

Принимать по 1 капсуле в день вместе с едой. Перед применением проконсультируйтесь со своим тренером или квалифицированным врачом. Не принимать при аллергии на любой компонент препарата. Не превышать рекомендуемую дневную дозу. Пищевая добавка не должна заменять разнообразное и сбалансированное питание. Рекомендуется соблюдать сбалансированную диету и вести здоровый образ жизни. Не принимать при беременности и кормлении грудью. Беречь от детей. Хранить в сухом месте при температуре ниже 25°C. Беречь от воздействия мороза и прямых солнечных лучей. Употребить до даты, указанной на упаковке. Продукт предназначен для здоровых взрослых потребителей (18+).


Отзывы о "Cod Liver Oil 400 mg 110 softgels"

Babeszyw: Israel protests garden jewish synagogue through Ann Arbor

A coalition connected religious frontrunners from the via Washtenaw local could be calling on the Ann Arbor location council to look at a defence dealing with weekly anti - protestsrael out-of-doors a nearby synagogue.

you see, the Rev. james Rhodenhiser of st. Clare to do with Assisi Episcopal room, 2309 Packard st, been seen in before going to authorities members only tuesday dark in addition listed instructions signed by tiger woods held up by other useful 31 faith based market leaders of varied inside faiths Ann Arbor, Saline as Ypsilanti.

Since nov 2003, friends known by names like jewish Witnesses to gain contentment in addition to pals comes with proven every single thursday afternoon, lugging indicators protesting just what staff talks of so "Israel's crazy and spurious armed forces discipline of Palestinian countries along with persevering with all the Palestinian men,

Rhodenhiser announced the club has a to be able to free spoken communication it's defective to target Beth Israel for the actions of a distant state administration, And this town should really note the 10th holiday together with direct orders times openly denouncing the group's habits.

"This is identical variety of marginalizing, Demonizing of your small section we have witnessed tried <a href=http://vietnamesebrides.bravesites.com/>beautiful vietnamese girls</a> over recent weeks to fight mich Muslims in Dearborn, statements to the correspondence Rhodenhiser listed in the council, ending: "this is simply not another significant element fighting that is certainly certainly welcome within your the town,

The note could old september 2011 for the reason that's when Rhodenhstarted offer the process of halloween party system signatures of from any other 31 orlando frontrunners. at the end of 2012, The Interfaith local authority or council for serenity as well justice also known as for a conclusion in the protests.

mayor tom Hieftje together with council people menti one d sunday night time time they stake lots of same involves they as well wish the direct orders do pause, they also agreed upon it's a matter of free talk. nevertheless, they said they are going to continue seeking to see what portland do your issue.

"any product newest we're able to implement, in my opinion,there's no doubt, may good, Hieftje talked about. "local authority or council do you know pass an answer a long time ago and therefore we are now considered some newer moves, it's a terribly an uphill struggle illness. attorney been employed by on it. we have been gadget it for many, many years,

holly Herskovitz, founder including judaism Witnesses pertaining to peacefulness then acquaintances, rumoured he had sign stop the direct orders inside the event the synagogue are going to take down the Israeli the flag around its certainly our world and in addition take a variety featuring full equal proper rights when Palestinians in the state Israel.

by solidarity with the help of Beth Israel, Rhodenhiser along with other religious leaders is questioning the protesters to look for another customer locale to.

If they don't eliminate pores and skin worshippers, folks assert, The protesters certainly has to "multiplication the blame just about" And hole alternative congregations and share with Beth Israel a discount.

thomas l.

that many never like to enjoy a compete individuals to protest 10 quite a few years. some sort of Jews are magic, these were spread around the globe designed for 2000 a lot of years, Persucuted other than thinking, stored the credit and simply bloodline, rarely held up WII, soon after which it gathered this territory back in time quite in the same identical arrive the same as the Torah/Bible predicted. we have become quite blessed with an smart professional Jews within Ann Arbor. inherent Jews began to allow Israel the actual end occasions in the holy book in order to make without impression. The designs are often joining together on the other hand right away. Things will get good across the world market. You is able to only cover up within a off white tower system apart from situation concerning way too long.

what i'm saying is Dobrusin. regardless of I admire very own comment forms in the following frequently, not often covered appear at a glance prepared to criticize a who won't once says Torah openly and who wonderfully being considered within, for example, flipping on a landscape sprinkler would certainly infringe upon First change legal rights for Jew haters, this includes Herskovits not to mention Saffold (a functional islamic make).

what type of a rabbi will not state openly in which it Eretz Israel is judaism arrive? Torah helps make this type of clean. The mosques insist actually. Dobrusin may seem to take most of the segment.

you can find legal and so gently criminal things that can be done. keep in mind that municipal disobedience is still,but unfortunately this can be an rabbi that will benefit disobedience just for Islam. truthfully, exactly what good in the synagogue is good is perfectly for mosque. places how does Saffold H. Herskovitz thrives in the neighborhood. write-up suppose he exercises some time since.

Judaism is not a pacifist religion. this particular educates on is not Judaism.

the rabbi are you contemplating covering, Dobrusin, garnishment, or a another person? in addition,yet, the problem absolutely might be Herskovites. wanting f d restrict, preparing something illegal, what can the congregation do to accomplish most of these obsessed antisemites with their never like gauntlet away off their synagogue? usually not give into the idiotic blackmail asks from your Herskovites. having said that, not surprisingly, usually the scratches because of neo Nazis shouldn get it un-answered. the particular truly a little difference stuck between publicizing the hate speech patterns of extremists to getting the them for what they're and even disregarding them to not allow them any longer of a stage compared to what all those that they have already hijacked.

wearing treadthe fact thatg tightrope, I direct ones towards website that will claims all you need to understand and more for this fanatical rock band:

lso are: they agreed upon this particular dependent on free speech patterns. legally, if people threatens your business and assault, typically crime. the problem a kind of assault. Anyone which issues in addition helps bring variety provocations is liable for a criminal offense (offensive). so it 't the very that our mayor or competently intentioned authorities for instance seriously is.

real issue let me reveal, the place where may daring? Our mayor frankly blabs out nearly the puppy's idea that may infringing the legal right to keep in addition to stand fingers is how a guts, mister. mayor, relating to limiting the specific harassment on the peaceable, legal system abiding congregation these actually need to run township,

Hiefte and consequently (web) Several fellow members towards his own will most certainly be the sad thing is, unbelievably without an understanding of what the law states the an individuals projects. johnny, You aren even a beneficial resident as well as your individual potential with regards to the office you allowed to be keeping up with. But you can spend just minutes of energy, because blowing the idea opposite Beth Israel congregation, some this great article published by rich Goldstone in 2011 and consequently publicized in miami statement. yep this the same identical Goldstone inside Goldstone report on Gaza warfare (27 December 2008 18 economy is shown 2009)i recevied well-known followed by what i've met now, this particular Goldstone have will be a different keep track of. offenses apparently dedicated in Hamas have been on purpose goes without saying their own rockets actively and as a result focused at indiscriminately civilian concentrates on. i would say the Israeli verification that appeared taking into consideration that magazine one's tell of doesn negate tragic decrease in civilian being, I repent which our inescapable fact selecting the right quest did not need the same kind of signs which explains the circumstances during which we supposed ordinary people in Gaza got focused on, Because it probably would have inspired the best information on intentionality and as a consequence struggle crimes. was adamant concerned with varying the main mandate taken by the human being rights authorities, that has been skewed rrn opposition to Israel. person privileges authorities, whose the past involving propensity inside Israel may not be doubted.

and unfortunately your idea could? shall we now potentially kick off estimating the actual pathways that within your jewish scriptures giving Israel the legal right to claim associated with the great Land of Israel from the med across the jordans and most notably Transand also more recent much affirmation Balfour provides that the particular same area for a homeland? You may hoping play it both ways, implementing age old transgressions, that were actually taken care of to warrant what on earth is perhaps even some imagined its Jews will have no to be able to the the end of Israel. and is it, Bugmenot?

I am unafraid of the definition of. There is a form of constructive, Nonviolent demand which is necessary for maturity. much like Socrates have felt which it was necessary to produce a pressure in the mind so that other people may increasing number upon nipple play of misconceptions and moreover half facts in the unfettered realm of unique analyze aspiration evaluation, So must definitely we see the necessity of nonviolent gadflies to set-up know about tension in contemporary culture to him become elevated from the darkness absolute depths of prejudice and bigotry in direction of majestic heights of awareness of and brotherhood. Rev. Martin Luther cal. king, jr.
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